Our agency is proud to collaborate with clients around the world, offering a wide range of services to meet international communication and marketing needs. Our media relations agency covers a variety of markets in France, Europe and the world. We are also your strategic partner committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Beyond France, our presence extends with our customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Germany… 

With our international experience, we are much more than just a press relations agency in Paris. We are an international communication consulting agency offering you lasting links with media around the world. 

We are determined to support your company internationally. Team up with WEPA Agency for comprehensive communication, impactful advertising campaigns and an optimized online presence. 

We offer expertise to companies operating in specialized and crucial sectors such as: 

Logistics, supply chain, and transport: sustainable marketing and communication strategies to strengthen visibility and competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact. 

New technologies: highlighting innovations while emphasizing commitment to ethical business practices. 

Events and fairs: we integrate responsible practices in the planning and management of events to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Lobbying: strategic communication highlighting the responsible and transparent actions of lobbying agencies. 

Real estate, construction and building: marketing campaigns focused on sustainability and social responsibility to contribute to the well-being of communities. 

Local authorities: support in local communication with an app. 

Local authorities: support in local communication with an approach based on sustainable development and citizen participation. 

Insurance: marketing strategies focused on social responsibility for ethical and transparent insurance solutions. 

Well-being and the arts of living: communication promoting brands that value well-being, sustainability and a balanced lifestyle.


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