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In today’s age of digital technology and continuous information, if you do not devote the necessary time and consideration to your company's communication, you deprive yourself of a powerful tool for developing your business. Why? Because clients purchase products and services that they know and trust. Although public relations are traditionally managed by a company’s communications department, today, due to the emergence of social networks and the opportunity to engage in direct conversations with your clients, PR increasingly involves general management and the marketing and sales departments, thereby making your sales force real brand ambassadors.

Created in 2013, WEPA's expertise is built on the complementary skills of its two founding partners: Julien Eloy, a public relations specialist, and Kaoutar Keita, a business development expert. We have combined these complimentary skills in order to provide our clients with support for building and implementing their communication strategy as well as for creating marketing content for commercial prospecting purposes. WEPA helps you build lasting relationships with all your stakeholders – journalists, key influencers, bloggers, clients, opinion leaders, etc. – with one goal in mind: to generate leads that help you gain new clients.

To do this, the agency is made up of a team of experienced professionals: copywriters, community manager, graphic designer, photographers, web developer, filmmaker, translators… Finally, WEPA is a network of communication agencies able to support you internationally (UK, Benelux, Germany…).

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Founder WEPA
Founder WEPA
Filmmaker - Reporter
Web Developer
Graphic Designer - Photographer
Social Media Expert - Trainer


The agency's services cater for every size of company (start-ups, small and mid-sized enterprises and large groups) and every type of budget. We work with both French and foreign companies to help them develop their business on both a local and international level.

What our clients say about us

  • « The first challenge in our collaboration with WEPA was for their teams to understand our complex technical offer and then present it from a different angle. They managed it perfectly; in the very first months, we immediately noted several, relevant results in the press. »

    Ronan Bars, Managing Director of Eurodécision
  • « Having tested their services, I am extremely satisfied with WEPA's start-up package. The agency’s team perfectly understood our needs and managed to translate this into the messages we wanted to put out, and aim the messages at the right target audience. Their service is simple and effective. »

    Guillaume Candau, Chairman and Founder of Klocel
  • « I am delighted with the PR services provided by the WEPA team. We are perfectly represented as regards our target audience and have a great relationship with the team, who know our sector perfectly. We work together in an environment of mutual trust. »

    Alexia Narvor, Marketing Manager France Transporeon Group
  • « Trust, expertise and professionalism are the three words that describe the relationship that LPR has established with the teams at WEPA. It is crucial to have partners who have the ability to anticipate our needs due to the knowledge and understanding they have of our business activities. »

    Xavier Goube, Managing Director LPR Group
  • « WEPA's pro-active approach and ability to come up with a variety of relevant proposals have been a major factor behind Amber Road's development in France. In addition to their active involvement in all our projects, the team at WEPA draw on their business expertise to advise us on the strategies to adopt in order to raise our profile. »

    Céline Gouriou, Senior Marketing Specialist Amber Road
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