Building & Real Estate

Pierre Riou invests €10 million in Mauritius to create Riou Ocean Glass

Building & Real Estate
26 February 2024
The founder of the Norman mid-sized company RIOU Glass has just made an investment of 10 million euros to create a flat glass processing factory in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. A project that he is leading alongside recognized investors and his grandson, Louis Riou.

Everwood enters the capital of the American F&W Forestry and becomes its largest shareholder

Building & Real Estate
23 February 2024
Everwood, a French player in sustainable forest management, participation in the Transition Evergreen fund, announces its entry into the capital of the American specialist in forestry asset management F&W Forestry Services, Inc and becomes its first shareholder. Everwood's investment aims to realize the two companies' shared growth ambition to become one of the world's largest forest managers and consultants with revenues reaching $100 million in 5 years.

RIOU Glass accelerates its development in Europe by acquiring Vidresif

Building & Real Estate
25 October 2023
The specialist in high energy and environmental performance insulating glazing has just completed the 100% acquisition of the Vidresif glass transformer based in Porqueres, north of Girona (Catalonia). With this new external growth operation, RIOU Glass enters the Spanish market and makes its second largest introduction.

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