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WE TALK is our page dedicated to press releases and content produced by the WEPA Agency where the successes of our customers take the media scene. Dive into the news of our clients highlighting their strategic partnerships and achievements, in various sectors.

Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transportation: our successful partnerships have generated increased visibility and positive impact in these strategic sectors of the economy.

New technologies: the technological advances of our customers are highlighted, strengthening their positioning in the global market.

Events and fairs: explore how our campaigns have contributed to the success of renowned events and fairs.

Start-ups: discover how we have supported start-ups in their responsible initiatives and growth.

Real estate, construction and building: marketing campaigns focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

Local authorities: our projects have enabled effective communication with public bodies.

Insurance: marketing strategies focused on social responsibility and transparency.

Well-being and the arts of living: brands that value well-being and a balanced lifestyle have been successfully promoted.

Our press releases page is constantly updated to give you a dynamic overview of the communication campaigns we are working on. Stay informed about our customers' successes and how we work with them.

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