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Social networks

  • Account creation (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Community management
  • Live Animation

As social media experts, we offer a full range of services to gain visibility and engage your communities. 

The first impression is essential. We guide you in creating powerful accounts on various platforms, including Facebook, X, LinkedIn and many others. Each profile is designed to captivate your target audience from the first moment. 

Having conversations is the key to success on social media. Our team of dedicated community managers ensures to create active and engaged communities around your brand. We respond to feedback, facilitate discussions and build strong relationships with your audience. 

The magic of instant on social networks! Our team excels in live animation, capturing and broadcasting special moments in real time to strengthen the link between your brand and your audience. From special events to Q&A sessions, we create authentic experiences that generate meaningful interaction. 

Each social network has its own characteristics and requirements. WEPA’s tailor-made approach ensures a strategic presence adapted to each platform, maximizing your impact on a varied audience. 

Whether it’s to establish a first online presence, optimize your community management strategy, or create memorable moments live, we are here to guide your brand to success on social networks. Team up with us to create, animate and interact authentically.


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