We Produce


  • TV Set
  • Customer events
  • Web conferences
  • Press conferences
  • Filmed Roundtables
  • Live


The WEPA Agency provides you with comprehensive expertise to bring your events to life and boost your digital presence. 

We design and orchestrate events, whether they are product launches, customer evenings, or corporate celebrations. 

Our TV sets provide an immersive visual experience, whether for interviews, debates or presentations, creating captivating video content. 

We deliver customer events that go beyond simple transactions, creating unique experiences and building loyalty to your brand. 

Our web conferences allow you to share ideas, information and facilitate online interaction, creating enriching experiences for your audience. 

We plan and execute impactful press conferences, in person or digitally, which maximize your media coverage and present your announcements and news in an impactful way to journalists. 

Our filmed roundtable discussions create a dynamic forum for in-depth discussions, capturing diverse perspectives on key topics in your business. 

Whether it's important announcements, live interviews or product demonstrations, our live broadcasts captivate your audience in real time. 

Whether you are hosting in-person or online events, our team is ready to work with you to ensure the success of each occasion.


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